Mr. Chi-Sung Hung is an internationally renowned Zen Master. He calls himself an “Earth Zen Person”, and calls for people to become “Earth Zeners” to promote happy, compassionate, healthy and mindful living for all creatures on earth. His spiritual journey can be traced back to the tragedy in his early childhood, which triggered a drive in him to seek for the enlightenment of life. By age 20, he had studied many meditation doctrines and became an eminent Zen practitioner. In the last 15 years, he has taught more than 60 different meditation techniques in advanced meditation courses. He has developed many modern applications of ancient scriptures that would otherwise be lost.

    Master Hung has created an easy and effective way to bring the practice of Zen into stress management. His “Relaxation Zen” CD was widely used to the rescue workers in the aftermath of the 1999 earthquake in Taiwan and 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China to help mental and physical rehabilitation. Starting from 2004, Master Hung has lectured in many US cities and universities including Harvard University and MIT. He has also toured in Europe and south East Asia.

    Master Hung is also a fruitful author who has published more than two hundred books. His works cover a variety of social subjects and focus on the integral development and purification of the human body and mind. His recent book The Stura of My Heart made the top of the bestseller list in Taiwan.

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