Chi-sung Foundation offers what we call a 6Q life coaching program, an integrated and customized life coaching service which includes various training courses, workshops, mountain retreats, group practice, on-line self-study and guided meditation CDs to help enhance the 6Q wisdom in our lives:
WQ C Wisdom SQ C Social HQ C Health
IQ C Intelligence EQ C Emotion MQ - Mercy
1) Relax Miao Ding Zen Exercise (Relax MD Zen)

Through more than 40 years of Zen meditation and teachings, Mr Hung unraveled the secret of attaining a perfect human body through relaxation meditation practice, which is the starting point to obtain the integral alignment of body and mind. Relax Miao Ding Zen is a gentle moving meditation practice that has no limitation on age and health condition.

2) Sleeping Yoga This guided sleeping technique benefit people with insomnia or suffering from post trauma syndrome, as well as volunteers who work under extremely stressful conditions, such as fire fighters or helpers in search of earthquake survivors. The CD has been used to help volunteers in 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China and 1991 Taiwan earthquake , which has proven to be effective for stress reduction and immediate improvement of sleeping qualities.

3) No Enemy Practice Start or end your day with this 45-minute guided meditation session to create a NO-ENEMY environment for your inner-self and outer environment. This practice leads step by step to integrate your mind, breath, channel, body and environment in tranquility.

4) Relaxation Zen Aroma Therapy Our all-organic essential oil and soothing creams have sophisticated ingredients distilled from natural flowers and plants all over the world. Combined with the relaxation massage rooted from Chinese medicine principles of acupuncture points and channels, at the mean time through delightful visualization guidance, they help people to rejuvenate, enhance immune system and boost energy level.
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